Velocity 11mm Lanyard


  • Rope Material: Samson Velocity
  • Diameter: 11mm (7/16")
  • Rope Construction: 24-strand
  • Rope Tensile Strength: 6,000 lb (2,700 kg)

Equipped with a Climb Right Rope Snap, featuring a double-locking mechanism, these snaps are crafted from aluminum, anodized black, and offer a formidable breaking strength of 38 kN (8,677 lb). The eye terminations are expertly sewn by Iron Street Rope Splicing and feature a plastic hi-wall thimble on the clip end. Additionally, each lanyard is finished with heat-shrink to protect the stitching and labeling.

Lighter Lanyards made from Samson Velocity with improved aluminum double-locking snap hand-spliced into the eye. 11mm (7/16") diameter. Aluminum double-locking rope clip, sewn eyes, rope thimble on snap end, and stitched tail.

  • Made from Samson's Velocity rope:11mm (7/16") diameter, 24-strand, 6,000 lb (2,700 kg) rope tensile strength
  • Climb Right Rope Snap: Double locking, aluminum, anodized black, 38 kN (8,677 lb) breaking strength
  • Eye Terminations: Sewn by Iron Street Rope Splicing, plastic hi-wall thimble on clip end, finished with heat-shrink to protect stitching and labeling

    Length: 10'