• Built for comfort:
    - Semi-rigid, wide waistbelt and leg loops for excellent positioning; sculpted and lined with foam padding for comfort during suspension
    - Two gated attachment points allow the user to easily connect a ZILLON or MICROFLIP lanyard, or to install several attachment bridges (fixed or adjustable) and accessories directly on the bridge (RING, SWIVEL)
    - Attachment bridge provides lateral mobility
    - Mobile side attachment points allow the user to follow the orientation of the lanyard during lateral movement
  • Easy to adjust:
    - Waistbelt equipped with a FAST buckle for quick and easy fastening and unfastening without loss of adjustment, even while wearing gloves
    - Leg loops equipped with FAST LT PLUS buckles with a locking system that limits the risk of it involuntarily unfastening
    - DOUBLEBACK buckles for adjusting the height of the attachment bridge and allowing the arborist to position him/herself comfortably; the buckles have a plastic cover to help keep them locked
  • Easy to carry and organize tools:
    - Nine pre-shaped equipment loops with protective sheath
    - Five slots for CARITOOL tool holder
    - Two retainers for a carabiner to hold a chainsaw or handsaw
    - Elastic band for attaching a first aid kit
  • Seat may be attached to improve comfort during prolonged suspension


  • Attachment points: Attachment bridge, gated attachment points, side attachment points
  • Certification(s): CE EN 358, CE EN 813, UKCA, EAC, GB 6095-2021: W.
  • Material(s): Nylon, polyester, polyethylene, aluminum, steel
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