RIT 8mm (5/16") Eye & Eye Prusik


SKU: CLI359M-28

Sterling RIT eye-to-eye prusiks are highly favored among professional arborists for their reliable performance. Featuring two sewn spliced eyes, these prusiks effortlessly fit over a wide range of carabiners, ensuring a neat and secure setup. Constructed with a polyester/Aramid cover and a polyester core, the RIT (Right in Trees) prusik offers exceptional heat tolerance, high abrasion resistance, and excellent gripping properties. The 8mm RIT prusik is ideally suited for use with 7/16" (11mm - 11.7mm) climbing ropes.Sterling's 5/16" RIT ("Right in Trees") hitch cord is heat-resistant and high-performance. The 30" Sewn Prusik provides consistent and even friction on a wide range of climbing lines and meets ANSI standards.

  • Cord Tensile Strength: 5,485 lb
  • Heat Resistant: Yes
  • Construction: Aramid sheath with polyester core
Length: 28"