Red Head Felling Wedge by K & H


K & H wedges have been a logging tradition since 1962. K & H wedges are also known as "red head" wedges because of their distinctive head color. K & H wedges are made from very hard high impact ABS plastic and have a light textured surface to keep them from slipping. Many loggers claim that K & H wedges are the easiest plastic wedge to drive and have great lifting power. As with all felling wedges, use safety glasses when driving them.

5 1/2" This wedge has been used extensively in the small timber industries, auto and construction.
7 1/2" A perfect size for medium timber falling and firewood cutting.
10" & 10"TT(Triple Taper) These wedge sizes have been used extensively in by timber fallers, heavy industrial applications, and construction workers
12" Our largest wedge produced. Timber fallers as well as bridge companies who erect and inspect bridges find this wedge to be their most useful tool.
Size: 10"
5 1/2"
7 1/2"
10" TT