Poison Moon | 11.7mm


Poison Moon is an 11.7mm climbing line by Yale Cordage that provides the perfect balance between the lightweight characteristics of the 11mm climbing lines and the feel of a 13mm rope. Poison Moon is a 24 strand line that works well for either SRS or MRS climbing.

Key Features:

  • Competition grade
  • Smoothest cover for mechanical ascension
  • Lowest elongation results in minimal bounce
  • Smaller diameters are also favorable for recreational climbers
  • core creates a firm rope that provides superior working-flex service

Poison Moon incorporates our 24-strand “Tite-Braid” cover that virtually eliminates cover milking. 

100% polyester climbing lines - Perfect balance of strength and low elongation - Compatible with a wide range of both MRS and SRS climbing systems - This standard (NON CE) version offers lower elongation for a climber who prefers less bounce in either their SRS of MRS systems.

Length: 200' Tight Eye Splice
200' Tight Eye Splice