Pferd Saw Bit File - Round Edge 8" Second Cut 2 Safe Edges(Goofy Files)


SKU: 17125P

PFERD special files are designed for specific uses, such as for processing soft metals and thermosetting plastics, for deburring parts turned on a lathe, or for sharpening cutting tools.

Rectangular file, tanged, single cut 2 on two sides, with rounded, uncut narrow edges and ergonomic file handle. Often referred to as a lawnmower file. Can also be used to sharpen cutting tools.

Single cut specifically designed for sharpening cutting tools. HANDLE NOT INCLUDED

Cut: Single cut 2
Cut files type: Single cut 2
EDP number: 17125P
Height: 1/8 Inch
Incl. handle: 12617141
Length: 8 Inch
PFERD type: 1212
Width: 15/32 Inch
Packaging unit: 1 piece