Maxi-Flip Flipline Kit


Discover our comprehensive flipline kits, offering a seamless combination of premium-grade fliplines, an adjustable system, a double-locking carabiner, and unbeatable value.

Flipline Selection:

Choose your preferred length and diameter to suit your climbing needs. Opt for a smaller diameter for enhanced lightweight performance or a fuller-size rope for improved handling and grip.

RockGrab 90:

Experience unparalleled performance with the RockGrab 90 flipline adjuster by Rock Exotica. Engineered with a 90-degree twist in the cam shank, this adjuster ensures optimal positioning and effortless adjustments. Depending on the diameter of your flipline, you'll receive either the small RockGrab 90 (ASC161) for 1/2" fliplines or the larger RockGrab 90 .625 (ASC170) for 5/8" fliplines. For 3/4" fliplines, the kit includes the Gibbs large steel adjuster (ASC104).

Maxi-Flip Flipline:

Indulge in the pinnacle of flipline excellence with the Maxi-Flip, crafted by Yale Cordage in the USA. Engineered with Free Flex Flemish eye splices, these fliplines minimize wire rope axial fatigue during use, ensuring maximum safety for climbers. Lightweight and equipped with premium-grade hardware, the Maxi-Flip guarantees unparalleled performance.


  • Free Flex Flemish eye splice
  • Lightweight design for enhanced maneuverability
  • CE approved EN358 certified
Length: 10'
Size: 1/2"