Klimair Adjuster


Introducing the Klimair Flipline Adjuster, meticulously crafted for 1/2" rope, designed to function seamlessly in both directions. This innovative feature enables climbers to utilize either end of a double-snap flipline, providing flexibility and convenience during ascent. With a two-in-one flipline setup, climbers can effectively navigate around branches while remaining securely tethered with a single lanyard.

The Klimair is ingeniously engineered to be compact and lightweight, enhancing maneuverability and minimizing bulkiness during tree climbing operations.


  • Manufacturer: Gibbs
  • Rope capacity: 12.7mm (1/2")
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Minimum breaking strength: 5,000 lb
  • Made in the USA

Important Note: The warning printed on the Klimair advises against its usage on metal rope, indicating its incompatibility with steel cable. However, it is perfectly suitable for use on Wire-core fliplines.