Kiru Telescoping Pole Saw - 13'



  • Introducing the Notch Kiru Telescoping Aluminum Polesaw, offering the versatility of an adjustable pole combined with the stability of specialized cam-collar locks featuring rib lock protection. The Kiru features an abrasion-resistant, low-profile extruded grip for superior control and comfort during pruning tasks. Equipped with the sharp and efficient Silky Ibuki blade, it swiftly and smoothly cuts through branches, effortlessly attaching with a quick-connect head, eliminating the need for tools.


    • Weight: 5lb
    • Blade Length: 390mm (15.4in)
    • Number of Pole Sections: 2
    • Extended Length: 13 feet (including blade length)

    Key Features:

    • Silky Ibuki saw ensures smooth cutting performance
    • Sturdy aluminum construction with enhanced cam collar locks minimizes flexing while extending
    • Sintung pruner head with 2-inch cutting capacity option available
    • Tool-free quick-connect system for swift attachment of saw and pruner heads
    • Newly designed abrasion-resistant extruded handle for improved grip and extended lifespan

Pole saws & pole pruners should not be used around energized lines due to risk of electrocution.