Ice Tail 8mm (5/16") Eye & Eye Prusik


Eye-to-eye tails are integral components in creating a "closed system" in tree climbing, a technique favored by instructors. Unlike traditional hitch setups or single-eye slit tails, eye-to-eye tails result in a finished friction hitch where both ends are attached to the connector. This configuration offers increased stability and control during ascent and descent.

The design of eye-to-eye tails allows for the use of various hitches, all of which are easy to learn and deliver exceptionally smooth performance. By utilizing both ends of the split tail, friction is evenly distributed, resulting in a knot that offers consistent performance without excessive binding while still providing a secure grip.

For enhanced functionality, incorporating a micropulley that fair-leads the hitch enables effortless one-handed slack tending, further optimizing the system's efficiency and ease of use.


  • Color: Tan
  • Diameter: 8mm (5/16")
  • Length: 26 inches
  • Strand Count: 12 Strand
  • Meets ANSI Requirements: Yes

Easy-to-handle 12-strand sewn prusik from Samson Ice Tail.

Ice Tail from Samson is a soft, easy-to-splice 12-strand cord that has great hand, provides excellent grip, and is heat-resistant thanks to the Technora fibers in its construction. At 5/16" this cord will work best on 7/16" ropes.

  • Cord Tensile Strength: 8,500 lb
  • Heat Resistant: Yes
  • Construction: 80% Technora/20% Polyester 120
Length: 28"