Hydra Pulley



The HYDRA is a versatile triple attachment pulley designed for arborists, featuring a swivel-top connection for easy use on the saddle bridge and in climbing systems. Rubber o-rings are strategically placed at the connection points to securely hold carabiners, preventing dangerous cross-loading.


Arborists require tools that are lightweight, durable, and multipurpose. The HYDRA meets these criteria by combining the functionality of a pulley with a rigplate. Its swivel top provides three connection points, each equipped with rubber o-rings to ensure a secure grip on carabiners, particularly designed for the rockO carabiner to prevent cross-loading.

While the HYDRA can be simply attached to the rope bridge of the saddle, its versatility extends to advanced applications. It can be integrated into ascent systems, lanyard systems, fliplines, or used as a redirect, offering flexibility in configuration and rotation as needed.