Dead-Eye Sling - 5/8" Tenex Tec


SKU: DES5810

  • Working Load: 10:1 Working Load Ratio*: 1,598 lb.
  • Eye Length: 18"

*Working Load Limit (WLL) calculated with a 10:1 design factor and sling configured in choker position.

Eye slings serve as versatile rigging tethers, requiring proficiency in knot-tying. Our expertly hand-spliced eye slings feature an oversized 18" eye, perfect for girth-hitching onto the Port-A-Wrap, block, or Fiori Ring. Secure the sling tail with a cow hitch or timber hitch.

Samson's Tenex TEC material surpasses double-braid rope of similar size, boasting a lighter weight, increased strength, remarkable durability, and a dependable grip on the tree.

Size: 10'