'CR' Micro Pulley



The SMC CRx Crevasse Rescue pulley is a marvel of lightweight engineering coupled with exceptional strength, tailor-made for alpine climbers and mountaineers seeking reliability without unnecessary bulk. Weighing a mere 52g yet boasting a breaking strength of 22kN, it offers a reassuring blend of portability and durability.

Designed with convenience in mind, its compact form easily slips into a pocket or attaches seamlessly to your climbing harness, ensuring it's always within reach during critical moments. This pulley excels in facilitating 2:1 C-systems and 3:1 Z-systems for swift and effective hauling of a fallen climber from a crevasse, providing essential support when it matters most.

Its intelligent base design prevents the frustrating jamming of a prusik knot during hauling operations, optimizing efficiency and safety. Meanwhile, robust side plates act as a shield against potential snags, maintaining smooth operation in challenging environments.

With the capacity to accommodate ropes up to 13mm in diameter, the SMC CRx Crevasse Rescue pulley offers versatility across various climbing scenarios. However, it's important to note its limitation: it's not suitable for use in a Tyrolean traverse, ensuring adherence to safety guidelines and optimal performance within its designated scope.