Compositlock Tree Trimming Kit - 13" Blade


The CompositLock poles revolutionize your pruning experience by offering unparalleled control, eliminating any wobbling at the couplers. Crafted from sturdy fiberglass, these poles extend your reach by an impressive 12 feet, empowering you to tackle even the most challenging tasks with ease. Moreover, the CompositLock non-conductive ferrules ensure consistent insulation properties across all pole sections, providing peace of mind for tree trimmers operating near energized lines.

Your Kit Includes:

  • Jameson 1.25" Capacity Pruner on CompositLock Ferrule
  • Jameson Saw Head on CompositLock Ferrule
  • 13” Jameson Saw Blade
  • CompositLock Pole - 6' Base
  • CompositLock Pole - 6' Mid

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: Ideal for working around energized lines, minimizing the risk of accidents.
  • Secure Connections: Strong and secure connections between pole sections ensure stability during operation.
  • Smooth Ferrule Profile: The ferrule profile is designed for smooth operation, enhancing user experience.
  • Maximum Durability: Constructed for maximum durability, strength, UV, and impact resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite being the strongest and most popular pole, it is lighter than foam core poles, providing greater control and exceptional bend strength.
  • Polymer Protective Surface Veil: Prevents fiber blooming on the surface due to abrasion or UV light exposure.
  • Preferred Choice: Trusted for tree trimming and aerial construction, batch tested to 100KV per foot for five minutes, meeting rigorous safety standards.