Climb Right Flipline Kit 1/2"



Introducing the Climb Right Economical Wire Core Flipline Kit, a trusted choice among arborists, particularly during removal operations. Wire core fliplines offer exceptional stiffness, enabling precise control and maneuverability around trees while providing an added layer of safety, especially when working with saws. This kit features a high-visibility Climb Right wire-core flipline with a swivel snap, paired with a Climb Right rope grab and carabiner for seamless functionality.

The Climb Right rope grab allows for effortless lanyard adjustment directly at your hip, while the Climb Right auto-lock carabiner ensures quick and secure attachment and removal. Assembly is straightforward, requiring only a 13mm (1/2") wrench to attach the rope grab to the flipline.

Climb Right flipline kits offer customization options, allowing you to select your preferred length and diameter to suit your specific needs. Opt for a smaller diameter for lighter weight or choose a fuller-size rope for easier handling and grip.

Key Features:

  • Wire core flipline kit designed for arborists, ideal for removal operations
  • Stiff wire core provides excellent control and safety around trees and saws
  • Includes high-visibility Climb Right wire-core flipline with swivel snap, rope grab, and auto-lock carabiner
  • Easy lanyard adjustment with the Climb Right rope grab
  • Quick and safe attachment and removal with the Climb Right auto-lock carabiner
  • Customizable options for flipline length and diameter
  • Requires a 13mm (1/2") wrench for assembly

Spyder's meticulous crimping process ensures the utmost safety and reliability of each termination on the Climb Right flipline. Dual crimps secure the wire core around the eye and the outer rope cover to the wire core, eliminating flex fatigue and preventing rope cover separation. This innovative process minimizes voids without compromising the integrity of the wire core. The flipline kit is equipped with ANSI-approved high-quality double-locking steel swivel snaps, and every lanyard undergoes individual load testing to withstand up to 650 lb of pressure. Proudly made in the USA, Climb Right flipline kits offer unmatched performance and durability.

Style: RockGrab 90
RockGrab 90
US Standard
Length: 10'