Climb Right Double Snap Flipline - 1/2"



Spyder Manufacturing employs a meticulous process to ensure the utmost quality and safety of their products. Each Climb Right flipline undergoes a dual crimping procedure using a hydraulic press. In the initial crimp, the wire core is securely fastened around the eye, while the subsequent crimp binds the outer rope cover to the wire core. This dual crimping not only eliminates flex fatigue between the crimps but also prevents the rope cover from separating from the terminations over time, enhancing durability and reliability. Moreover, this innovative method reduces voids without compromising the integrity of the wire core.


  • Manufacturer: Spyder Manufacturing
  • Diameter: 12mm (1/2")
  • Eye Type: Hydraulic crimped
  • Snap Type: ANSI-Approved double locking steel swivel snap
  • Load Test: Individually tested to 650 lb
  • Origin: Made in the USA
Length: 10'