Bucklite Titanium Tree Climber Kit - Big Buck Wrap Pads




The BuckLite Titanium Tree Climber Kit comes with our all new line of blacked out gear with a hint of high-vis green. Buckingham puts safety, comfort, and a quality product first. Manufactured here in America, this a top-quality, titanium tree climber kit. Weighing in at only 17 ounces, Buckingham’s BuckLite™ Titanium Climbers with Patented GRiP Technology™ bring the best of strength, lightweight functionality, and comfort together in a climber that cannot be found elsewhere on the market. GRiP Technology™ keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the tree and aids in preventing cutouts.

The kit Includes:

  • BuckLite Titanium Tree Climbers w/ GRiP
  • Black Big Buck Wrap Pads
  • Black Hook & Loop climber straps
  • Hybrid 2 7/16" gaff
  • High-Vis magnetic gaff guards