Bifrost 11mm


Bifrost presents a unique color pattern of the all-polyester Kernmaster, drawing inspiration from the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard in Norse mythology—truly fitting! Ascend with minimal stretch and bounce, courtesy of the polyester core. This super-static rope stands out from the competition with its excellence in design and construction, complemented by its distinctive color pattern.

This special edition of the renowned Kernmaster from Yale features a polyester core, transforming it into a super-static SRS line. If you seek minimal stretch in your SRS line, don't miss out on this special Kernmaster while it's available! The smooth jacket ensures flawless compatibility with your favorite ascenders or hybrid devices.

Distinguished by its red core, this rope offers easy differentiation from nylon-core Kernmasters, aiding in the inspection of the outer jacket.


  • Manufacturer: Yale
  • Diameter: 11mm (7/16")
  • Construction: Kernmaster
  • Tensile Strength: 29.8 kN (6,700 lb)
  • Elongation: 1.5% elongation at 10%
  • Weight per 100' / 100m: 6.04 lb / 9 kg
  • Spliceable: No
  • Sewn Eyes: Yes
  • Made in the USA
Length: 120'
Style: No eye
No eye
Swen Tight Eye