Bee Line 8mm (5/16") Hand Spliced Prusik


Bee Line, crafted by Yale Cordage, stands as one of our top-rated prusik cords, delivering exceptional performance across a diverse range of ropes. Specifically designed for use on 7/16" (11mm) climbing lines, this diameter offers optimal compatibility.

Please be aware that the hand-spliced eyes on Bee Line and HRC may initially feel stiff. This is normal and expected. It's common for these types of eyes to exhibit some resistance during the initial uses when inserting a carabiner.

  • A favored alternative to mechanical rope grabs.
  • Boasts one of the most heat-resistant friction covers available, comprising a blend of 75% Technora and 25% polyester.
  • Features a true Vectran LCP core.
  • Equipped with a small 1" eye coated with clear Maxijacket for enhanced wear resistance and added rigidity, facilitating easy installation of carabiners.
  • Ideal for use with 7/16" and 1/2" climbing lines.
Size: 28"