Basic Pruning Kit


This basic pruning kit gives the climber everything needed for basic rope climbing techniques! This kit allows for double rope technique only. 

Kit includes

  • Saddle - Weaver Cougar
  • Rope- Arbor Plex 150’
  • Throwline - Throwline Kit With 10oz and 12oz Weights
  • Rope Lanyard - 12’ Arbospace Aspen Static Grizzly Spliced 2 in 1 Lanyard
  • Prussik - Micro Pulley Set: 11mm - 12mm Ropes (2 AM’D Carabiners)
  • Gear Bag - Large Canvas Bag
  • Tree Climbers Companion
  • Sappy Soap
Size: Extra Small
Extra Small
Extra Large
Style: Tree Climbers Companion - English
Tree Climbers Companion - English
Tree Climbers Companion - Spanish