Ars Long Reach 6'



Engineered for extended use, the ARS LongReachTM pruner is meticulously crafted for exceptional lightweight performance. The LA-180 model features a bypass pruner head with a razor-edge blade. Constructed from high carbon tool steel, the blades undergo Marquench hardening to maintain sharpness cut after cut. Furthermore, the hard chrome plating on the blades ensures resistance to rust and sap. With a rotating arm allowing over 180 degrees of movement, precise pruning angles are effortlessly achieved without the need to rotate the handle. Perfect for water gardening, the rust-resistant aluminum pole and zinc alloy rod enhance durability and longevity.


  • Super lightweight design ensures comfort for extended use.
  • High carbon tool steel blades, Marquench hardened for enduring sharpness.
  • Hard chrome plated blades provide protection against rust and sap.
  • Rotate the pole within the handle to achieve precise pruning angles.