Arbsession Folding Cube


After a year in development we now offer the Arbsession Folding Cube!

Opens to a large 16" cube and folds down to a small triangle. 

Designed for the working arborist!


Our focus with this folding throw line cube was longevity first and foremost! We want to offer a quality folding throwline cube that not only looks good but can last the test of time. A few features on the inside are the yellow cordage loops that can be used to terminate ends of throwline so they don't get lost or tangle the rest of the throwline. We also have a sewn ladder rack meant to store either micro or full size carabiners. They can even stay attached when the cube is folded up!


  • Dimensions of cube: 16" x 16" x 16"
  • (2) throw weight pockets
  • (2) Yellow cordage loops for tying off throw line ends (if needed)
  • Stiffer vinyl velcro strap for ease of use
  • Upper ladder rack for micro or standard carabiner storage
  • Bottom made of stretchy ripstop material
  • Sides made of white canvas type material
  • Rod ends protected with caps

Lifetime Warranty