Arbo Space Milky Way Dyneema Winchline 1/2"


SKU: sku-11704121

Yellow and Gray colors available. Please specify on check out. 

Dia: 1/2" (12.7mm)

Strand Count: 12 Strand

MBL: 34,965lbs

Looking for a top-quality winch line that can handle the toughest jobs? Look no further than our 1/2" Dyneema Winch Line! Made from 12 strand Dyneema, this winch line is incredibly strong, with a MBL of 34,965lbs. It's also super light weight, making it the perfect wire rope replacement. Whether you're using it for off-road recovery or industrial applications, our Dyneema Winch Line can handle whatever you throw at it. So don't settle for anything less, buy the best with our 1/2" Dyneema Winch Line!

Lenght: 150ft.