Arbo Space Huracan 11.5mm Sewn Lanyard W/ ISC Snap Hook


SKU: sku-11713163

Elevate your climbing experience with the Arbo Space Huracan 11.5mm Sewn Lanyard, featuring the reliable ISC Snap Hook. Designed for optimal performance and versatility, this lanyard is a must-have for climbers seeking exceptional quality and safety.

The Arbo Space Huracan Lanyard boasts an impressive 11.5mm diameter, providing a balance of strength and flexibility. Its 24-strand cover offers enhanced durability and low stretch, making it an ideal choice for use with mechanical devices. Whether you're ascending or descending, this lanyard ensures a secure and controlled experience.

Crafted with precision, the Arbo Space Huracan Lanyard maintains its round shape even under heavy loads. Its firm yet flexible feel allows for smooth handling and easy maneuverability, giving you confidence during climbs. Additionally, the lanyard's abrasion resistance ensures longevity and reliability, even in rugged environments.

The ISC Snap Hook included with the lanyard enhances its functionality and safety features. This high-quality snap hook provides a secure connection between the lanyard and your harness or anchor points. Its user-friendly design allows for quick and effortless attachment, ensuring peace of mind while climbing.

The Arbo Space Huracan Lanyard excels in knot-holding capability, enabling you to securely fasten it during your climbs. Moreover, the lanyard offers splicing options, allowing for customization and versatility based on your specific needs.

Safety is paramount in climbing, and the Arbo Space Huracan Lanyard meets stringent quality standards to provide maximum protection. Its reliable construction and materials undergo rigorous testing, ensuring exceptional performance and durability in demanding climbing scenarios.

Whether you're a seasoned climber or just starting your climbing journey, the Arbo Space Huracan 11.5mm Sewn Lanyard with ISC Snap Hook is a top-tier choice. Its combination of strength, flexibility, and knot-holding capability, along with the added safety of the ISC Snap Hook, makes it an outstanding climbing rope option. Equip yourself with the Arbo Space Huracan Lanyard and experience enhanced safety, performance, and peace of mind during your climbs.


  • Construction: 24-strand Double Braid
  • Core: Polyester
  • Cover: Polyamide
  • Diameter: 11.5mm
  • Load capacity: 6,800lbs

Manufacturer Part Number: HSLWISH

Size: 10ft.