Arbo Space Friction Saver 28"


SKU: sku-11704973

This Arbo Space friction saver is a one of a kind friction device, featuring a hand spliced Arbospace thimble on one end and a sewn rigging ring on the other. Most climbing lines can pass seamlessly through the 52mm rigging ring, with a simple overhand knot. This ring combined with our Arbo Space thimble allows climbers to preserve their lines, due to decreasing the amount of friction the lines are exposed to. At 28mm this length has a lengthy bending radius which provides a pleasant climbing experience. 



Medium Arbo Space Aluminum Thimble

52mm ISC Aluminum Rigging Ring (25kN)

Rope Diameter: 3/8" Lupes LS (Cover: Aramid/Polyester Core: Polyester) 

Rope Length: 28"

Length: 28mm