5/8" Arbo Space Whoopie Sling W/ Ring


SKU: sku-11712499

Enhance your rigging capabilities with the versatile 5/8" Arbo Space Whoopie Sling W/ Ring. This high-quality sling is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance and adaptability in various rigging applications.

With a sturdy 5/8" diameter, this sling offers impressive strength and reliability for your rigging needs. The included ring adds convenience and flexibility to your setup, allowing for easy attachment and adjustment as required.

The unique whoopie sling design of this Arbo Space sling enables effortless length adjustment, providing you with a customizable range of 3-8ft. This adaptability allows you to tackle different rigging scenarios with ease and precision.

Crafted with durability in mind, this sling is built to withstand rigorous use and challenging environments. It ensures long-lasting performance, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need during demanding rigging tasks.

Upgrade your rigging equipment with the 5/8" Arbo Space Whoopie Sling W/ Ring and unlock a new level of efficiency and versatility. Experience the superior quality and functionality of this premium sling, designed to meet the demands of professional riggers and enthusiasts alike.

Parameter Value
MBS 16,500 lbs
Configuration Basket
Diameter 5/8"
Color Yellow
Size Adjusts from 3' to 8'
Manufactured Country USA
Strand Count 12 Strand
Tensile Strength 17,100 lbs (76 kN)
Meets ANSI Requirements Yes
Size: 3-5ft