5/8" Arbo Space LPX Pluto Multi Sling


SKU: sku-44423183335590

The Arbo Space LPX Pluto Multi Sling is now available in a block version, made with 5/8" Arbo Space LPX 12 strand hollow braid rope. The sling features a rigging block that is installed and captured in the terminal eye, allowing for easy length adjustment using the spliced pockets at fixed intervals. This versatile and durable sling is perfect for any rigging scenario.

  • Rope Information
    Rope Size Arbo Space 5/8" LPX
    Choked Configuration MBS 18,000 lbs
    Pockets 6 consecutive 6" pockets
    Usable Length 6 feet
    Overall Length 7 feet
Manufacturer Compatible Blocks
CMI RP130, RP131, RP145
DMM Small (5/8" no hole)
ESA 3/4"
ISC Red & Blue Rigging blocks (RP055, RP054, RP053, RP052, RP051, RP050), Flame (RP056)
Stein 5/8" Block
Length: 7'