5/8" Arbo Space LPX Dead Eye Sling


SKU: sku-11703549

Simply secure your device within the sling's eye and tie a choking hitch using the running end. While some knot knowledge is necessary, the eye sling's simple efficiency can't be denied.

What sets this rope apart from the rest is its hollow construction, which makes it both stronger and more flexible. Without a core, abrasion wear is evenly distributed throughout the rope, allowing for easier monitoring of any potential damage.

Made with 16mm (5/8") Arbo Space LPX Sling-Grade Polyester 12 strand hollow braid, this eye sling boasts a 17,000 pound tensile strength and a 1,700 pound WLL. Weighing in at only 1.7 pounds, it's a reliable and lightweight choice for any rigging job.

Rope Arbo Space LPX
Color Yellow
Diameter 16mm (5/8")
Lengths available 10ft., 15ft., 20ft.
Strand count 12 Strand
Tensile Strength 17,000 lbs (75.6 kN)
WLL 1700 lbs (7.5 kN)
Meets ANSI requirements Yes
Melting Point 480°C
Country of Manufacture US
Length: 10'