3/4" Arbo Space Pluto Multi Sling 12'

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SKU: sku-11704114

Arbo Space Pluto Multi Sling is an innovative and efficient solution for anchoring friction brake systems like Port-a-Wrap. Unlike traditional methods, this sling offers a hassle-free, no-slide, and no-knot way to anchor your preferred lowering device. Its unique design provides quick and easy adjustability, making it a must-have for arborists who demand optimal efficiency in their work. The Pluto Multi Sling features eight separate pockets, each measuring 12 inches, that allow users to effortlessly wrap it around the tree and pass the lowering device through the most convenient pocket. Its versatile functionality ensures that you can get the job done in no time.

The slings comes with Cordura chafe gear for better eye protection. 

Usable Length 12ft.
Rope Material
12 strand 3/4" ARBO SPACE LPX
Tensile Strength
21,000 lbs (93.4 kN)
WLL (Working Load Limit)
2100 lbs (9.3 kN)
Compatible with
Large Port-a-wrap
Manufactured Country