3/4" Arbo Space LDB Bull Rope Dead Eye Sling


SKU: sku-11711104

Upgrade your rigging gear with the Arbo Space LDB bull rope featuring a professionally spliced and buffered 6" eye for superior durability. Designed to handle heavy use and absorb shock loads, this bull rope is perfect for rigging scenarios. Attach it to tree rigging blocks and Port-A-Wraps with ease, thanks to the chafe sleeve in the eye that provides abrasion protection. Plus, the urethane coating adds an extra layer of maximum abrasion protection, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Rope Type Construction Color Length Options Breaking Strength (lbs) Approx. Weight / 100ft (lbs)
Arbo Space LDB (Double Braid Coated Polyester) Dead Eye Slings Double Braid Gray 15ft., 20ft., 25ft., 30ft. 25,000 16.7
Length: 15'