11.7mm Maxi-Flip Sport Flipline


Introducing the "Maxi-Flip Sport" wire core flipline by Yale Cordage, a top-tier choice for climbers seeking reliability and performance. Boasting a 16-strand cover, this flipline is expertly crafted to harmonize seamlessly with mechanical hardware, offering unparalleled compatibility. What sets it apart is its remarkable weight efficiency, being 25% lighter than the Standard Maxi-Flip without compromising on strength.

At its core lies a galvanized aircraft-grade wire rope, ensuring durability and resilience in challenging environments. The Flemish eye splice, renowned for its safety and reliability, secures the end with precision, providing peace of mind during climbs. Included is the aluminum ISC swivel carabiner, also known as the Twister, ensuring smooth and efficient movement.

Here are the specifics:

  • Size: 1/2" x 10 ft
  • Crafted as a premium, high-quality flipline
  • Features a galvanized aircraft-grade wire rope core, encased in a 16-strand cover
  • Utilizes a free-flex Flemish eye splice for added safety and security
  • Equipped with a light-duty, stainless steel thimble for enhanced durability
  • Enhanced with Maxijacket coating for supreme abrasion resistance, prolonging its lifespan in rugged terrains.

The "Maxi-Flip Sport" wire core flipline stands as a testament to Yale Cordage's commitment to innovation and excellence, providing climbers with a reliable tool for conquering the heights.

Length: 8'