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Chris Slattery

Good evening, or whenever you read this, Jake.

I am your average homeowner that has a couple acres. I also have about 100 trees that are at the end of their lifespan, and need to come down. I am thinking I would like to try climbing them, topping them, and chunking down. I have never climbed a tree and cut it, and figured I would go to the place that I have watched, and learned from, to get the gear I would need to learn this trade, at least a little bit of it. Unfortunately, you don’t have spurs on your site. Do you recommend a set of beginner spurs, or do you have a contact that I can get in touch with? I don’t want to buy the walmart specials and have them fail on me. Granted none of my trees are large, 40-50 footers and none of them are over 24" in diameter.

Of course there is the other option of finding a guy on youtube that will travel around and cut down trees to make videos. LOL. Might be an easy way to show the basics to a guy, and about half a million other people, the way to get into climbing and setting up a saw for the job.