Don't See what you need?

Don't See what you need?

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Sappy Supplies is an ever growing company here to bring you what you need to get your sappy job done! If you don't you see something you are looking for please let us know!

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Chris Slattery

Good evening, or whenever you read this, Jake.

I am your average homeowner that has a couple acres. I also have about 100 trees that are at the end of their lifespan, and need to come down. I am thinking I would like to try climbing them, topping them, and chunking down. I have never climbed a tree and cut it, and figured I would go to the place that I have watched, and learned from, to get the gear I would need to learn this trade, at least a little bit of it. Unfortunately, you don’t have spurs on your site. Do you recommend a set of beginner spurs, or do you have a contact that I can get in touch with? I don’t want to buy the walmart specials and have them fail on me. Granted none of my trees are large, 40-50 footers and none of them are over 24" in diameter.

Of course there is the other option of finding a guy on youtube that will travel around and cut down trees to make videos. LOL. Might be an easy way to show the basics to a guy, and about half a million other people, the way to get into climbing and setting up a saw for the job.


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